Simple Java Questions and Answers

Simple Java Questions and Answers is what you need to get prepared for the interview. Remember, the employer will ask you simple questions but you need to demonstrate something more than average knowledge of the subject!

Therefore, it’s always good to brush the course up. Let’s go through the basics of Java interview process and see what java questions and answers should be considered.

  1. The typical employer hiring a Java expert expects a deep knowledge of Java problems and solutions. Still, the interviewers are not Java-guru as a rule. Therefore, the questions asked are not stumpers at all but give you an opportunity to show yourself from the best possible side.
  2. In a technical interview, get prepared for questions that will elicit your practical command of Java. Your Java answers shall demonstrate that you understand what the interviewer means. You shall give not the most exhaustive, but a sound and practical answer.

Here Are Some Simple Java Questions and Answers That You May Need to Get Prepared

Why Java is a preferred technology for Web Applications ?

Web application deals with numerous requests and threads, therefore needs a great memory allocation as well as de-allocation. Java has intrinsic capability to collect garbage, so, it is a perfect platform.

What are the differences between interfaces and abstract classes?

Interfaces are a list of methods and static member declarations that implementations must possess. They have no code or member variables.

Abstract classes have a body comprising member elements. They can contain variables, implemented methods, and unimplemented methods.

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What is the difference between server side and client side validation?

Client side validation is done using scripting technologies like javascript before the form is submitted to server whereas server side validation is done afterwards.

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