Making an Android App from Java Applet

Some people might think that java applet programs are essentially native for the Android platform, but there’s still some work that has to be done in order to get them to deploy correctly. Fortunately there isn’t too much that needs to be accomplished, and users should be able to eventually pick up all the necessary tips and tricks without too much fuss. Having a look at some precompiled libraries will make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Learning to Make Android Apps

One of the most important concepts when learning how to make an android app with java is figuring out how the user interface system works. Even Android has a console, but most people are going to want to work with something a little more graphical. Fortunately there are some great pre built functions for Java.

For instance, to add an editable text box:

id1= ( EditText)findViewById(;

Strings can be read very easily from this system with a simple line of code that almost rivals the console when it comes to simplicity:

String val=theEditText.getText().toString();

This should interface with the type of editable text that was created in the previous command. Most programmers are going to need to use these two lines of code over and over again in various forms, and that’s perfectly fine. The strange part about it is that they’ll have to make a layout in XML more than likely. That being said, it’s easy to get the two to interface. For instance it would be possible to take some aspects of a clock widget from an Android import and add it right to a Java project:

Button button;

mChronometer = (Chronometer) findViewById(;

java applet programs

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Java Android Apps

Those who are just learning how to program GUI application in java might want to get in touch with professional programmers to get a little help with the projects that they might be up against. They might also want to check the API. Oftentimes the developers who have created the Java SDK have done their best to document everything that could cause a potential problem.