Effective Java Tips: From Zero to Hero

So you’re excited about mastering Java right? Well, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, with all the online content and courses available, familiarizing yourself with Java is becoming easier and easier every day. And finding Java problems and solutions with all the available tools and resources is really a piece of cake. But if you really want to stand out from the rest. If you really want to build yourself as a Java guru and full-time developer, there are a few tips that we have noticed that are only shared among the Java elite. And today, we plan to unlock these secrets to you.

Why you may ask? Well, because we believe that Java is a universal language. That its usefulness should not be left in the hands of a few individuals alone. Hence, here are some of the best java tips that all beginners should essentially adopt before advancing further in the programming field.

Best Java Programming Tips That Every Beginner Should Follow

As we speak, you are currently at the base stages of mastering Java. What do we mean by this? For starters, the base of any mountain refers to the bottom part that is normally level with the ground. Here, we believe you have learnt the basics of Java; such as developing a solid understanding of the programming platform, and having the ability to write simple languages that execute simple functions.

Now. As you tilt your eyes towards the peak of this mountain, you have to remember one thing. That success is no easy task. And that you will be required to sacrifice a large amount of your time to get to the top. So we much further ado, let us now proceed to the tips.

Mastering Frameworks

One of the most monumental components of any code are the frameworks. For every aspiring developer, it is important that one masters and becomes proficient with frameworks to maintain and further develop their code-base.

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This way, any programmer with even a decent understanding of Java can come up with a workable solution for any program. Mastering frameworks also enables you to prepare equally for your specific target industry. In fact, here are a few frameworks we recommend that you should master.

  • Spring Framework Logo. Spring is the standard framework in the Java programming language. It allows you to connect the core components of your system together. Moreover, the framework offers quite an extensive integration to other multiple frameworks, libraries, databases and so on. Therefore, mastering this framework will definitely give you a leverage over other developers.
  • Hibernate Logo. Hibernate logo is also another great tool to master. It’s great for perfecting your database access. In fact, it is a big plus to master objectional relational mapping frameworks as they have a critical role to play in your code. You should further extend your knowledge to predicates, helpers and even string utilities!
  • MongoDB logo. This database is an essential component for any and every well-sized system. It’s actually very important to master the basics of how the database drivers function. Once you’ve got that going for you, you can bring these skills to the world for a test run!


Tooling is an essential part of becoming an active and productive developer. It’s monumental to learn the multiple methods in which tools can assist you in your software development; or at least be aware of their very existence. For example, you can employ static code analysis tools to assist you in maintaining the quality of your code. And to add on that, if you want to see how understandable your test suite is, you can utilize continuous integration servers which will subsequently crunch your tests. You can also learn on profilers, which will significantly increase the swiftness to which your code will execute. Tooling is limitless! Furthermore, there are also other Java languages to add to that will really build on your skill such as Clojure, Scala and even Groovy.

All in all, practice is the best tip for java programming. The more you practice, the easier it is to become the Java guru of your era. You can start by mastering the basics, and slowly advanced to the more complex content of Java language and Java programming tools. Remember, Java is a rich language, with thousands of content in its database. So it will be a new experience every day which we hope you will enjoy!

Make use of these java tips to make programming a real pleasure.