Java Programming Tutorial in 11 Easy Steps

Whether it’s the interesting mini-game that helps you pass time or the programs that you use on your laptop to perform certain tasks, the use of Java is everywhere! In fact, Java language is so important these days that software engineers deem themselves incomplete if they’ve not mastered it. So why is it important to learn java? Well, before we get into this java programming tutorial, here are a few perks you should know about being a Java wizard.

The Perks of Being a Programmer

  • The money. Multiple software and I.T companies rely on Java gurus to develop new programs in the market. So having the right set of skills in game design, app development, and programming pays handsomely. The learning curve might be long, but the incentives are definitely rewarding!
  • The opportunity to develop something new, fresh and exciting. It’s not every day that one receives praise for developing a program that can alter the course of human history. But when they do, it can feel pretty amazing! Thus, there are thousands of apps under development every day. And most of them are geared towards improving human life. You just might be the next nemesis to produce an amazing app that will change the world!

11-Step Java Programming Tutorial

java tutorial bannerWith that being said, here is our java tutorial that makes programming simple and fun!

  • Have the right platform for your Operating System. You can’t start your car without having the keys to the ignition, right? Well, the same case applies to Java. Getting the most stable Java build for your O.S is the first key to becoming a wizard. For starters, Windows and other OS users should visit Oracle’s primary website to download the Java language. Mac users, on the other hand, have a slight advantage because the program comes pre-installed; pretty awesome right!
  • Buy and read Java books for beginners. We all have to start somewhere. And the best place to start is by learning and absorbing all the Java programming basics.You can do this by purchasing eBooks, or even borrow the latest programming books and programming dictionary at your public library!
  • Learn to use Integrated Development Environment. Eclipse and NetBeans are important tools that help you code correctly and in the right manner. How do they do this? Well, by helping you detect errors in your code as you work. They also help you to learn Java techniques the right way! So ensure to have these tools as part of your programming arsenal.
  • Master the Edit-Compile-Test cycle. As is with all programming languages, it is important to learn the edit, compile, test cycle. In short, this is where you create your first ‘Hello World’ program. It might sound corny, but this simple code is where most java prodigies began their lucrative careers.
  • Create your own and edit other people’s classes. By now, we’re hoping you’ve gotten yourself a good book that serves as your Java bible. So that you can learn all the terminologies involved with the programming language. Well, one great way to sharpen your skills is by creating your own classes. Not to mention editing those of other programmers to have a deeper understanding of your skills and functions.
  • Check out content from credible online websites. A little research won’t hurt! That’s why it’s important to get enriching content from credible websites such as Java Cooperation and Oracle’s main website. Just to help you build up on what you’re already learnt. Besides, it gets easier to understand problems when you consult professionals who are online. Remember, there are different ways to write a code for a given program. You might find developers who write an easier code for a program than others.
  • Take your time to master object oriented paradigms. These include paradigms such as inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Object orientation is important when it comes to Java and it should practically be your new programming gospel!
  • Read, master and understand a wide variety of Java tutorials. Practice makes perfect. And diversity is certainly a good thing. Therefore, learning from different Java tutorials helps you build on your skills. Plus sharpen the ones you might have already learned from other tutorials. Ask for some java array help from an experienced programmer.
  • Oracle’s API also has some awesome information on classes, variables, and methods from where you can get enriching information. Ensure to check it out.
  • Try a wide variety of ways to write one program. Java is all about finding a method that suits you. Learning different ways to write a program will help you learn the little perks of programming that you never knew were there. Plus you can learn to simplify complex codes. Just like how the pros do it!
  • Lastly, use Google, your daily trusted partner! As you know, Google is the one reliable partner that is always there. And with over 1 million + codes available, the world is at your feet. So what are you waiting for? Consult Dr. Google whenever you need some Java assistance.

And there it is! With these 11 simple and easy-to-follow steps, mastering Java will stop looking like Einstein’s relativity theory, and actually feel like something fun and interesting to do! All you have to do is gather the patience, willingness, and perseverance to deal with Java irrespective of any obstacles that may come your way. Have fun programming!

Forget about the hard stuff, here’s a simple java programming tutorial for you!