Java Programming Tools That Can Make Your Life So Much Easier

If you’re programming in Java, you know how challenging some things can be. There are a lot of things that are easy to do in Java, but some things seem unnecessarily difficult. There are different java programming methods but not everyone can master them or even understand. That’s where these Java programming tools come in.

They can make a lot of your coding so much easier by providing additional tools and other helpful resources. If you’re stuck on a program, these tools and the assistance of our expert Java developers may be all you need to figure out what’s wrong.

Useful Tools for Java Programming

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If you need some great tools for java programming, here are many that the experts recommend:

  • Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment that will help you with compiling your code. It can check your syntax, refactor your code, and includes a number of different plug-ins and tools that will help you with developing different types of programs. If you’re programming in other programming languages, Eclipse even offers support for those languages. That makes it a necessary tool for any programmer.
  • JUnit tool. This testing framework will help you create quality assurance tests for your programs. Unlike many other Java testing frameworks out there, JUnit allows you to test code in blocks instead of by module, so you can check smaller chunks of code. By using this test, then code approach, you can rest assured that your final program will function as intended.
  • The Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit, or JRat, allows you to measure how well your application is performing. This will help you identify issues such as memory leaks or tell when a program is using up too many system resources. This is another testing program that allows you to create simple tests that will check for verification errors. It lets you create mocks and verify them.
  • If your program isn’t compiling, or if you’re sure it has bugs, release this free tool on it. FindBugs will quickly highlight the errors in your coding.
  • Oracle JDeveloper. Another IDE, Oracle JDeveloper is free. It can help you program applications in Java Enterprise Edition.
  • If you’re not happy with either of the above IDEs, there’s NetBeans. It contains code editors and analysters as well as a number of converts and other tools. NetBeans is often updated and extended, so you may also want to periodically check to see if there’s a new version.
  • Apache ANT. A tool from the Apache Software Foundation, Apache ANT is open source. It’s designed to help programmers code more quickly by automating repetitive tasks. Rather than spend time doing the same things over and over, you can let Apache ANT take care of those chores while you focus on more important things.
  • Apache JMeter. Another Apache tool, JMeter tests your program’s functionality. You can also use it to test websites, services, databases, and other things. It has a very easy to use interface, too.
  • IntelliJ IDEA. This tool will help improve your productivity with its various analyzers and code completers. It also provides support for mobile development, websites, and more.

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Need Help Beyond What These Java Programming Tools Offer?

These Java programming tools can certainly help you code more quickly and test your programs so you know they’re functioning correctly. But what if you get stuck somewhere along the way? Bug catchers may be able to find errors in your programs, but they can’t always find the problems in your overall logic.

Our team of professional Java developers, on the other hand, can walk through your code and see where you’ve gone wrong and provide you with java homework solutions.

If you need assistance with a program that just doesn’t work and Java programming tools are of no use, we’re here for you. Contact us today.