Java for Blackberry Chat Application

While there are numerous compiled blackberry chat apps that are designed to run on a single platform, the autocad Java platform has helped to ensure that they can run across a wide spectrum of devices. That has helped to make these chat applications more popular as a result. Developing them has become easier for entirely unrelated reasons, though.

Instant Chat Applications

Programmers who are writing a blackberry chat application are probably going to base their work on an existing protocol. Jabber in xmpp is well documented, and its opened. Other protocols have to be accessed by buying liscenses, so a Java developer working on a blackberry chat app should probably opt to go with Jabber.

Several packages exist to write blackberry chat apps based on Jabber. Tinder, Smack, emite, Echomine Feridian and Babbler work straight out of the box so to speak. Asmack is a good option for Android developers, as is jaxmpp2. Transferring messages can be as easy as a small snippet of code:

Message msg1 = new MessageBuilder()

There’s even an API method for parsing chat data:

XMPPService xmpp = XMPPServiceFactory.getXMPPService();
Message info = xmpp.parseMessage(req);
JID fromJid = info.getFromJid();
String stuff = info.getBody();

In using this little XMPP code system it can be much easier to send and receive messages through a basic Java chat application on the blackberry platform. That can help to speed up the rate of development. Best of all as the name suggests it uses XML to format messages, so most developers are already quite aware of how to do it.

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Universal Chatting

Professional programmers are always available for times when people want to write blackberry chat application software, but there are also plenty of ones available already. Those who might be looking for a new chat application should probably check to ensure that they’re not stepping on toes first. Java developers have made plenty of modules in this respect already. There’s actually a number of pre built methods that can even be used to make this kind of project go that much faster.