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Alright, your instructor requires you to write a program to demonstrate your understanding of class issues (inheritance, etc). And you will have to use java, don’t you. That’s when it is a time for java homework help. And your problem is that you never used Java or only have had a quick course in. Let’s see what we can do.

What Is Class?

In the real world there are many individuals all the same kind. So, the common name for them is a class that is a something that makes a blue print for the universe of individual things. Now a class stands as a blueprint from which individual objects are created. A class contains any of the following variable types:  1) Local variables, defined inside methods, constructors or blocks; 2) instance variables which can be accessed from inside any method, constructor or blocks of that particular class; 3) class variables declared with in a class, outside any method, with the static keyword. You may take some basic java programming exercises to fully understand the topic.

What Are the Types of Classes in Java?

  1. Top Level Classes. 90% or more classes are top level.
  2. Static Member Classes. Static member classes can be thought of as regular classes that are simply defined inside another class. They have complete access to all the enclosing classes’ static member variables and functions.
  3. Non-Static Inner Classes. There is only one small difference between the declaration of a static and non-static member class. Still if measured in terms of functionality the difference is huge. If your member class doesn’t require access to the enclosing instance make it static to save resources.
  4. Anonymous Classes. The class is anonymous because it has no name and can’t be referenced. In this situation the class is said to be used as a function object.
  5. Local Classes. Local classes are the most rare class type used in the Java language. It is only accessible to the method it is declared in.
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