Help with Java Exception Handling

Java students may often cry for help with java exception handling. Exceptions are very important part of robust software engineering. Effective exception handling adds up to non performing value of the java programming project and seriously impacts the final students’ grade. Writing a robust java code requires a good handling of errors like invalid input data, null input or resource leakage.

Benefits of Java Exception Handling:

  • Provides a way to report and handle errors and failures
  • Separates of error handling from normal processing
  • Exceptions are necessary for making reusable libraries and components work, as they cannot handle errors

Java provides several exception handling features, in built in language itself in form of try, catch and finally keyword. Also, you can create exceptions yourself and put them at work using throw and throws keyword.

Exception Handling Java Applications Have Several Ways to Operate:

  1. java will handle it through a inbuilt mechanism unless you manually suppress or ignore it;
  2. fix the problem that invoked exception and resume the program; still, problem may not be easy or even impossible to fix;
  3. log the problem and resume the program;
  4. log the problem and re-throw the exception;
  5. chain a low-level exception within a new higher-level exception (wrap inside as a parameter) and throw that;
  6. print /display/ log out an error message and let the program terminate.
  7. there is no one-for-all exception solution, it strongly depends on the specific requirements of the application
java exception handling

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Some Basic Guidelines for Exceptions Are:

  • avoid unnecessary use of exceptions
  • document all exceptions thrown by each method using the Javadoc @throws tag
  • for debugging, the string represention of an exception should contain the values of all objectsthat “contributed” to the exception

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