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Now, why does a java developer need to browse java MCQs? Basically, the Java questions and answers always involve technical side. And the interviewer will concentrate on testing developer’s skills in two ways. First, by asking objective questions, like ‘Which of the following are the Java keywords?’ with answers A) final, B) Abstract, C) Long, D) static. Another way is by putting the interviewee through problem-solving. While the latter requires addressing most popular java problems and solution, which could be found on this site too, object-based questions are best approached by answering java MCQs.

Why Go through Java MCQ? To Hone Your Skills of Tackling Objects Type Questions

Now, it is always fun to get prepared for the interview, isn’t it? Preparation will instill confidence and success. Java developers’ job interview MCQ with answers will help you stand out from others and win you a better salary. Java assignment help really helps as it is a handy way to sell your skills in every job interview.

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Here Are Few Samples of Java MCQs with Answers

1. Which of these operators is used to allocate memory to array variable in Java?

a) Malloc

b) Alloc

c) New

d) New malloc

2. Which of these class can encapsulate an entire executing program?

a) Void

b) Process

c) Runtime

d) System

3. Which of these class is used to make a thread?

a) String

b) System

c) Thread

d) Runnable

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