Creating Quizes in Netbeans

Making a project in netbeans is somewhat similar to doing the same in Visual Basic or other completely visual programming environments. While some programming elitists might malign this, its great for doing things like making quizzes. In fact, there are already modules lying around that can be imported to set up a quiz, which can then be imported directly into the school management system project and used straight away.

Setting Up Java Quiz Project

These netbeans ide programs come as modules, so it’s best to first start by creating a standard interface form. While Java constantly boasts that it’s a write once and run anywhere language it’s actually not nearly as universal as it used to be, since there are various dialects that compile netbeans projects just a little bit differently on different platforms. As a result when someone is trying to set up a quiz it’s important to consider the platform it will be deployed on.

This is especially true if the quiz is actually more of a serious educational one. If this is the case and the user intends to make a PC project in netbeans, it’s best to set response options as radio buttons. Mobile platform developers will instead want to grab something that’s called the NetBeans IDE Bundle for Java ME. This helps to deploy quizzes and other simple pieces of software on mobile devices and PDAs, and many of these devices are now used in schools.

Netbeans is great, but it can’t embed apps on its own. A small bit of code is still needed. Web pages will need to have:

<applet code=quiz.class width=”500″ height=”450″> Your browser doesn’t support the <code>applet</code> tag.</applet>

inserted into an HTML document, providing the user with a little warning if the quiz software doesn’t run right.

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Finishing Quiz Project in Java

Professional Java programmers are often able to write material on their own from scratch source code, but using the netbeans ide programs makes it easier for even beginners to move around in this dynamic software environment. All of the functions in the integrated development environment are provided as modules, which makes it much easier to add material into an existing project. It can be as easy as merely going to import an additional module into a project.

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