Codefight 2017: Which Language Is the Best?

Today, there are many kinds of programming language. And on that note, it will be quite hard for a beginner to choose which language is yours. Worry not, as this post (and infographic) provides you with a quick overview of the most used languages and their pros and cons. Finally, learn why Java might be for you and not another programming language. Or go straight to our java code help.


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Which Coding Languages Are the Best?

There’s a great variety of programming languages to choose from but which one suits you the most?

  • Java? It’s noble and kind but takes some time to get used to.
  • C++? It is fast and powerful but it is ugly and unsafe!
  • C#? It’s modern and managed but comes at quite a price.
  • Python? The language is multi-applicable and easy but sometimes not very fast.

Why Is Java More Preferred by Programmers?

Java language is the most widely used coding language for variety of reasons, like:

  • Wide range of applications/uses
  • Embedded systems
  • Web apps, such as front and back office trading systems, data processing projects and e-commerce applications, to name some
  • Mobile applications, such as android apps
  • Desktop GUI applications
  • Applications for science and enterprise
  • Used in middleware products

The Benefits of Java Programming

It offers portability and functionality because a program that is written in one platform can also work and run across mobiles, desktops and other systems. The language is also simple and free, as well as it supports multithreading. Plus, it can offer network and multimedia support. Java language is also mature, making it more predictable and stable versus other programming languages.  When compared to C++ and C, Java programming languages are collected and compiled independent of platform in Byte code language that lets the same program to operate on a machine with an installed JVM. Most importantly, Java is easy to learn, making it easy to write, compile and debug versus other programming languages.

There you have the plenty of benefits of using Java versus other programming languages that you should know. Now if you are having a hard time coding or writing using it, you can get help from experts in Java assignments.

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