A Guide to Multi-Threaded Programming in Java

So, What Is a Multi-Threaded Programming in Java?

A multithreaded java assignment program contains two or more parts that can run concurrently. Each part of such a program is called a thread, and each thread defines a separate path of execution.

What Is the Motivation behind Introducing Multiple Threads in Your Java Program?

Basically, multi-threading enables a better use of computers:

  • Prevents idle/busy waiting CPU
  • Makes UI more responsive
  • Enables blocking I/O without blocking the entire program
  • Makes a greater advantage with a parallel execution with multi processor hardware
  • Automatically collects garbage
  • Easy to perform asynchronous or background processing
  • Fun uses for games

What Does a Guide to Multi-Threaded Programming in Java Cover?

  • Threads basics
  • Creating threads
  • Ending threads
  • Joining with threads
  • Scheduling
  • Sleeping
  • Daemon threads
  • Servlets and JavaServer Pages technology
  • Sharing access to data
  • Synchronisation details
  • Wrap up and resources
multi-threaded programming in java

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Give Me a Sample!

Ok, let see what a thread’s life is. It starts when you create a thread. There are several ways to create a thread in a Java program. Every Java program contains at least one thread: the main thread. Additional threads are created through the Thread constructor or by instantiating classes that extend the Thread class.

When we talk about threads in Java programs, there are two related entities we may be referring to: the actual thread that is doing the work or the Thread object that represents the thread. The running thread is generally created by the operating system; the Thread objectis created by the Java VM as a means of controlling the associated thread.

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