A Comprehensive Java Projects List

list of java projectsA comprehensive Java project list available for software engineering students! Many students are searching for a list of java projects ideas. Although conventional, java project topics are often very helpful. Students are not really encouraged to take one project from such a list and go on with it, but these are good ideas to start from.

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How to Pick a Worthy Project Topic?

java projects listThe best way is to develop something you believe in and not just do what will fulfill the course requirements. Secondly, it has to be a real world problem and even more importantly – a problem worth solving. That’s why student shall try to achieve better results than anyone who has done the same task before. And the main thing is that after having chosen the topic, you will have to continue to have faith in it!

Now, Let’s Take a Look at a Comprehensive Java Project List We Have Here

  • Admission management System
  • E-school (making a completely digital school).
  • Ice cream parlor management system.
  • Online tuition management system
  • Pizza hut – account management system
  • Character recognition system.
  • Voice and speech based browser.
  • Online matrimonial system.
  • Organic Chemistry – Reaction Simulator
  • Automated DAL generator in Java.
  • Online appointment system
  • Emergency Call System in Android
  • Bluetooth based attendance system. (I don’t know is it feasible or not, again, let me give you the idea, I know now a days all of us have mobile devices. Right?
  • Bangla keyboard for android.
  • Barcode reader with android device
  • CV writer for android
  • Inventory management for android
  • Financial Calculator for android
  • Medical Order sheet for android
  • Bug tracking system

Ok, it will be just about enough. If you guys need some latest ideas about java assignment, feel free to write us! The project list will be further expanded as we add some more ideas later on

If you need our guidance on specific entries of the java projects list, let us know. We will give you details and answer your questions!